December 11, 2018

Dove Tale Synopsis

Lourdes Cortrares, an attractive 27-year-old Dentist, lives in Mulege, a small fishing village on Baja’s Sea of Cortez. Her young sister, Prudencia, has a deformed face. To save money for Prudencia’s eventual surgery, Lourdes spends weekends in La Paz, singing in cabarets. Late in the evenings she sings jazz with an alcoholic American fish merchant, Mark Robinson. Robinson is a pianist; his Mexican partner, Flaco Sanchez, a womanizer, plays trumpet.

Twice each week Robinson must fly their product to San Francisco in their ancient airplane. Their situation turns nasty when Mexican Federal police impound drug traffic hidden on the airlines. Local traffickers are forced to load their freight on private American aircraft returning to California. Robinson and Sanchez are almost killed on takeoff. When they discover cocaine bags hidden inside the gear well, Robinson is out of control. He identifies the men to police. Sanchez is attacked and hospitalized. They relocate to Mulege —there are no phones and only a tiny airstrip. Mulege is perfect. Flaco recovers from his injuries.

Sanchez shames Robinson into to flying Lourdes and Prudencia to San Francisco. At night, at dangerous altitude, beneath a radar shadow, they cross undiscovered into California.

DEA officers Jim Bartley and Rogelio Chavez have planted a secret transponder in Robinson’s old plane. Sanchez finds a small cottage to rent. Robinson takes Lourdes and Prudencia to Dr. Ralph Musicant, a reconstruction specialist. Musicant has a clinic for charitable cases. Robinson continues buying trips into Baja. Their fortune increases when they discover a huge market for abalone. Lourdes’ priest, an 87 year-old Bostonian, Fr. Bernard Gannon, insists Robinson must take other needy children to the good Dr. Musicant. At San Francisco airport Robinson and Sanchez are confronted by Bartley and Chavez. “Keep this up and we’re gonna pop you .” They warn them of two opposing drug cartels. “They’ve got men looking for you two.” Each cartel believes they are flying drugs for the other. Mark asks for help. Bartley hands him a .45 pistol. “Watch your back.”

As weeks fold into months, Prudencia’s long procedures become successful. Mark is able to return the other children to Baja. One foggy night, while returning from a gig, Mark and Lourdes are shot at by a drive-by motorcyclist. Bartley and Chavez have been following. They shoot the suspect and arrest him. Lourdes begs Robinson to return them to Mulege but the aircraft needs a new engine. Robinson promises, “Soon as it’s finished.”

The day after the new engine was tested Lourdes is kidnapped. If they are to see her alive, Robinson and Sanchez must transport twelve-hundred kilos of cocaine toa place in the California desert. They summon Bartley and Chavez. “We’ll be following in our helicopter,” Bartley promises. Robinson insists they leave them alone. “You’ll get us killed,” he says, “it’s just business. We give him what he wants, he gives her to us. Back off!”

Robinson and Sanchez delivered. A firefight followed. DEA officers turned up too late. What followed was not pretty.